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Bauer, Marion Dane Am I Blue?
Each of these stories is original, each is by a noted author for young adults, and each honestly portrays its subject and theme--growing up gay or lesbian, or with gay or lesbian parents or friends.


Cart, Michael, ed. Love & Sex

Lust, Desire, Fantasy, Obsession, Love


In one outstanding volume, ten of today's finest authors of adult and young-adult literature lend teir talent and their vioces to take a hard, clear look at love and sexuality. From balancing abstinence and desire, to learning the difference between love and lust, to fulfilling a childhood obsession, each of these stories depicts characters exploring a world of new feelings and sensations that is opening up before them. At times magical, funny, sad, and angry -- but always heartbraakingly honest -- these stories reveal the pressures and complications -- and sometimes joy -- of love and sex.


Gallo, Donald R., ed. On The Fringe
The jocks call Jeannie “Johnny” because she has short hair and wears boys’ clothes.  Brian, or “Mousey,” fakes a different identity outside of school.  Lacey is afraid to death that standing up for the school “freak” will destroy her popularity.  Gene, mocked one time too many, heads for class with a loaded rifle.  High school can be a war zone of popularity and persecution, where no one really looks at the kids on the fringe.  In these eleven stories but some of today’s most acclaimed authors, the outsiders take center stage, and the constant struggle of popularity, nonconformity, hate, and acceptance finally comes to compelling life.


Grima, Tony, ed. Not the Only One: Lesbian & Gay Fiction for Teens
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A collection of short stories portraying gay and lesbian teenagers at different moments in their lives.


Merla, Patrick, ed. Boys Like Us
In stunning essays written especially for this collection, twenty-nine noted gay writers recount their true "coming out" stories, intensely personal histories of that primal process by which men come to terms with their desire for other men. Here are accounts of revealing one's sexual identity to parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and, in one notable instance, to a stockbroker. Men tell of their first sexual encounters from their preteens to their thirties, with childhood friends who rejected or tenderly embraced them, with professors, with neighbors, with a Broadway star. These are poignant, sometimes unexpectedly funny tales of romance and heartbreak, repression and liberation, rape and first love defining moments that shaped their authors' lives. Arranged chronologically from Manhattan in the Forties to San Francisco in the Nineties, these essays ultimately form a documentary of changing social and sexual mores in the United States--a literary, biographical, sociological and historical tour de force.


Young, Cathy, ed. One hot Second: stories about desire
Sex. It’s on the minds of every teenager, whether they’re having it, not having it, talking about it, or just thinking about it. In this powerful collection, 11 acclaimed writers for young people capture the various expressions of desire–from first crushes to first times, and all of the charged emotions in between. Here, a sleek new teammate becomes more than a friend; a hopeful date feels his evening unravel; a pale boy delivers a sweet but terrible kiss; a wise girl discovers the real rules about love.

Jennifer Armstrong, Sarah Dessen, Emma Donoghue, Nancy Garden, Angela Johnson, Victor Martinez, Norma Fox Mazer, Rachel Vail, Rich Wallace, Ellen Wittlinger, and Jacqueline Woodson have crafted original stories that are as complex and provocative as desire itself. Because anything can happen in one hot second.


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